Livin’ the Dream Classics

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Livin the Dream Classics

I have decided to change the way I do business at my auto body repair. After a lot of thought about repairing collision damaged vehicles, I have decided to move away from insurance paid claims and pursue my dream of going into the restoration of the old muscle, and classic automobiles. Being a one man shop puts me at a handicap as far the service end of my business and it's not fair to the people that come to me with their vehicles to be repaired as I cannot get them in,or out in the time that is convenient to the customer, therefore I have decided to Focus on the restoration of the 30's, 40's, 50's and 60' era of classic cars and trucks. I will be calling the the new business...Livin' the Dream Classics...dba Brant's Precision Auto Body. I am looking forward to meeting all the people that share the same passion as I do for for these old classics and want to preserve and drive, and have fun with these American icons.Thanks so much to all my previous customers for allowing me to to do what I have a passion for, for so long, but this decision had to made so I can keep doing what I love to do. Thanks again and I am looking forward to seeing you all out in your hot rods.


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